MQI Coaches' Network

New opportunity for Returning, Experienced MQI Coaches


Join us for the MQI Coaches’ Network, together this community will consider the role MQI Coaching can play in your 2021-2022 school year plans and ongoing efforts to support teachers.

The MQI Coaches’ Network will convene virtually for a kickoff event at the start of the school year and meet monthly for a series of webinars geared specifically toward folks who have previous experience with MQI Coaching. The Network will provide opportunities to revisit past content, explore new ideas, and consider how best to support student learning as we all recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

For each webinar in the series, you will be joined by an MQI Coaching facilitator and fellow instructional leaders (including coaches, teacher leaders, and district administrators). Each webinar will focus on supporting the roll out and implementation of MQI Coaching in your context. We will: 

  • Revisit relevant MQI codes (particularly those supporting student engagement)
  • Practice facilitating video and evidence-based conversations
  • Revisit key components of MQI Coaching to help you decide which to prioritize and which to adapt
  • Brainstorm solutions to implementation challenges
  • Share best practices across contexts



The Network will meet throughout the entire 2021-2022 school year. Exact dates/times of monthly webinars will be determined by Network participants.


In order to join, participants must have enrolled in a prior MQI Coaching experience (MQI Coach Training, E-coaching, or the Improving Math Instruction through Feedback online course). All participants will have access to join the webinar series live and/or view recordings.


$199 per person