MQI e-coaching for Math Teachers

MQI e-coaching matches math teachers with an MQI expert coach for virtual, one-on-one coaching based on video of their own instruction. E-coaching is customized to meet a teacher’s goals and helps them self-identify areas for instructional growth. Coaches guide teachers to develop realistic and actionable next steps to improve their math instruction.

The MQI Coaching Cycle

Over a series of cycles—often over the course of a year—teachers learn to use the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) rubric to critically analyze videos of their instruction, work one-on-one with an MQI coach to identify a plan for instructional improvement, and implement the plan in their own classroom.

MQI Coaching Cycle: A Closer Look


MQI Coaching Cycle Graphic

Learn more about the MQI rubric and the coaching cycle.

“MQI e-coaching taught me to plan and teach more mindfully and more intentionally...It’s so much more exciting to teach!” —Math Teacher and MQI E-coaching Participant 

Measurable Results

A randomized controlled trial conducted between 2014 and 2015 revealed that MQI Coaching significantly improved the quality of teachers’ mathematics instruction and that participation in MQI Coaching increased the probability that a teacher will continue to teach math in a tested grade the following year. Learn more about the study.

More opportunities for Math Teachers: MQI-based virtual professional learning communities

MQI Coaching facilitators guide groups of teachers through video analysis using the lens of the MQI rubric and clips of instruction from the MQI Video Library. Teachers have an opportunity to create a shared language through which to discuss math instruction.

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