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 “[MQI Coaching] has helped me change and shift my teaching practices from being teacher-centered to giving more opportunity for student independence. I now see the value of pushing the students' thinking without right away intervening in their thought process, listening more to their conversations and harnessing my questioning techniques to push their thinking even deeper.”  –8th-Grade Teacher

“[MQI Coaching] was invaluable in helping me reflect and refine my practice in facilitating classroom discourse. The rubrics provided a lens by which to observe the moves I make to support learners’ explanations, sense-making and linking representations. What made it work well was the professionalism of the process. The design of the coaching in cycles allowed me to revisit and polish the focus in follow-up lessons.” –6th-Grade Teacher

MQI expert coaches work one on one with mathematics teachers to help improve their instruction. MQI Coaching is individualized to meet a teacher’s goals and give teachers the tools and opportunities to reflect on their own practice by recording video of their instruction. The Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) , a math specific observation rubric, is used to critically analyze video of instruction and guide the teacher’s growth. Participating teachers complete 10 coaching cycles over the course of the year, during which they share video recordings of their classroom instruction with their coach and meet virtually every two weeks.

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According to our research findings,

  • Teachers who received MQI Coaching:
    • Found their professional development significantly more useful than other teachers
    • Had improved quality of math instruction according to video observations
  • Students of coached teachers reported being asked to explain their thinking more often in math class

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Who are the coaches?

The coaches are MQI Coaching experts with a wide range of classroom, coaching, and education research experience.

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