Math Coach Testimonials

"What I learned at the MQI Institute has helped me to be more focused when observing my education majors in their field placements. The recommendation of letting the person being observed take a lead in the post conference with their reflections has been especially helpful for me."

"The part of the training I have been using the most—which I am so thankful for—has been the practice we did with leading conversations with teachers. I think the teachers I am working with are so much more reflective and thoughtful now."

“The stock videos were definitely the most useful. Being able to show a strong example or at times a weak example (and build from it), was incredibly beneficial in helping the teacher to better understand the [example] and to understand what it looks like in practice.”

“This was my first math coaching experience, and I felt so well prepared! The initial training, check-in webinars, and calibration webinars were so helpful, as was the overall structure and communication.”

Would you recommend MQI Coaching coach training to a friend or colleague?

"I would. I think the value of MQI Coaching coach training is significant. It offers so many lenses through which to consider improvements in math instruction." 

"Yes, even if you are not going to use the instrument as such, there are still good practices embedded."

"I would definitely recommend MQI Coaching coach training to a friend or colleague because not only has it helped me with my own teaching, but it has also provided a foundation for me to discuss math education with peers. I feel better able to assist teachers at my school when they have particular issues. I am also much more objective about my own teaching and my classes have improved as a result."

"YES! The training helped me to be able to recognize and describe high quality instruction."