Teacher Testimonials

“MQI and coaches are amazing and have been so helpful in improving my math lessons. I really think my students can see a difference in what we do every day.”

“Sometimes I think I have a great lesson planned with lots of time for students to problem solve together, but after I watch the videotape, I see that I did too much of the talking. These videos have been eye-opening!”

“I was planning to retire, but now I am going to keep teaching because I want to keep learning and improving what I am doing in the classroom. I love videotaping and working with my coach!”

“MQI is causing me to focus on parts of my teaching that I never focused on before like this before…I have been able to really focus on questioning techniques. I ask better questions in my classroom now to get students thinking about math and talking about what is in their heads. I used to do more telling, but now I do more questioning. It is great!”

“Having MQI to focus on with my teaching and our coaching sessions has helped me to be very specific in what I want to reflect upon in my teaching. My coach has affirmed things I do really well as a teacher, and has helped me to refine some areas that I wanted to
be sharper in.”