Virtual Summer Institute for Coaches

The MQI Coaching Virtual Institute is an opportunity for math coaches and supervisors to learn best practices and leverage resources from our team at Harvard University, so that they can replicate our positive results in their own school or district. 

The training will focus on the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) rubricthe cornerstone of our successand how to use it as an effective coaching tool. The curriculum provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the MQI Coaching model and hands-on experience using the MQI to guide teachers’ growth. The institute is geared toward instructional leaders in mathematics; particularly those who are providing feedback and support for mathematics teachers.

After attending the Institute, participants will have:

  • a working knowledge of the MQI rubric
  • an effective coaching model that can be applied in a variety of contexts
  • an overview of the research that led to the development of MQI Coaching
  • access to the MQI video library
  • access to up to two follow-up webinars in the fall
  • option to access continuing professional support throughout the school year

Registration Coming Soon

See "Dates and Fees" below for more details.

Customized Training

Does your school or district have a group of instructional leaders who might benefit from taking this training together? Would you like the MQI Coaching Virtual Institute customized to meet your school or district’s needs? MQI Coaching facilitators can work with your school or district and offer this same training, customized for your context.

Learn more about our virtual, customized training for coaches.

Dates and Fees

2021 Dates and Fees Coming Soon


 “My goal in coming here was to reinvigorate and provide structure for the coaching work that I do.  Mission accomplished!"  –Math Specialist

“[The MQI Coaching Institute] was organized, rooted in evidence, and very specific. I would love to be coached with this tool and look forward to using it to help teachers elevate their instruction.” –Math Coach

“MQI and coaches are amazing and have been so helpful in improving my math lessons. I really think my students can see a difference in what we do every day.”

“Sometimes I think I have a great lesson planned with lots of time for students to problem solve together, but after I watch the videotape, I see that I did too much of the talking. These videos have been eye-opening!”

“I was planning to retire, but now I am going to keep teaching because I want to keep learning and improving what I am doing in the classroom. I love videotaping and working with my coach!”

“MQI is causing me to focus on parts of my teaching that I never focused on before like this before…I have been able to really focus on questioning techniques. I ask better questions in my classroom now to get students thinking about math and talking about what is in their heads. I used to do more telling, but now I do more questioning. It is great!”

“Having MQI to focus on with my teaching and our coaching sessions has helped me to be very specific in what I want to reflect upon in my teaching. My coach has affirmed things I do really well as a teacher, and has helped me to refine some areas that I wanted to 
be sharper in.”


If you have any questions about the registration process or the MQI Coaching Institute in general, please email